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Special Education has many paths. If you need someone to help you navigate the path in order to ensure your child the services they need to be successful, you've come to the right place. I provide customized, confidential guidance based on your child's individual needs.


Parents and families can often feel uninvolved in and uninformed about the special education process. Many families need and welcome a second set of ears in meetings, as well as suggestions for how to work with their district to get their child the services they are entitled to.

Professional Development

Professional Development is offered for schools and districts around a variety of topics. Full day, half day, and multi-day offerings can be developed in line with district needs.

College Find

The process of selecting a college is daunting for many parents and families. Guiding you through the process of how to select a school that will support your child, how to fill out the financial aid paperwork, and how to negotiate tuition (yes, you can negotiate tuition) are all services that can be provided.

Special Care

Supportive and confidential advocacy services by a licensed and experienced educator.

Quality Learning Services

Effective and engaging PD sessions tailored to your school and your students.

Knowledgeable Resources

College information and search tools to help you and your child find the best college for them.


Beth has been an indispensable resource for getting my daughter the services she needs. The school district was giving me the runaround and denying my child services. When Beth started coming to the meetings, the school stopped saying "no" and started saying "yes."

Julia - parent to a fourth grader

My district was lucky enough to get Beth as a consultant to work with us on early literacy. She brought a wealth of resources and ideas, and supported staff as they rolled out new practices and ideas.

Sarah - Teaching and Learning Specialist

I attended a series of professional development trainings Beth was co-facilitating. She was engaging and kept the pace moving. I learned many new protocols and techniques I could use the next day in my classroom. She has a great sense of humor and works hard to make professional development offerings relevant, useful, and targeted.

Kristyn - First Grade Teacher

Beth Doyle, M.Ed, CAGS

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