Beth Doyle Consulting

Services You Can Expect

  • A compassionate and confidential advocate who will work cooperatively with you, the school, and district to get your child the services they require
  • A skilled educator who can interpret assessments and their meanings, and help you determine what your options are
  • An outside perspective on programs and curriculum, and support in helping you make informed decisions on behalf of your child
  • A special education teacher who understands the lingo and jargon, and can explain how it pertains to your child
  • An educational diagnostician who can administer testing and make recommendations
  • A reading specialist who can identify language based disabilities including dyslexia and make recommendations for services
  • An administrator who understands the complexities of special education and can work diligently on your behalf to get your child the services they need

Beth Doyle, M.Ed, CAGS

Phone: 781-799-3456

Email: [email protected]

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